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Security and Defense

Kurongkor Utama has built a solid reputation among Government and Private Customers in Indonesia for a variety of high-performance solutions we offer for the Defence & Security sector.

Keeping updated with newest technologies and innovative solutions available worldwide, we remain committed to being our Customers’ partner of choice answering their most complex requirements, such as:

Anti Drones

Our systems come in a range of field-proven configurations to counter the threat caused by rogue drones that are now a global issue and an increasing concern for the military, government and homeland security forces across every continent. It is expected that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) will be used increasingly for malicious purposes as they can carry cameras, weapons, toxic chemicals and explosives and are being used increasingly for terrorism, espionage and smuggling purposes.


Remote Controlled IED’s and the proliferation of mobile communications mean that RF jammers are in much demand by security, police, military and commercial users. By using accurate threat analysis with the very latest technologies, our jammers can provide a genuine counter to the most demanding threats.

RFDF, Tactical intercept, surveillance and monitoring systems

Our offer includes a wide range of tactical intercept and monitoring systems for military, police and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

Defence and Security Systems

Broad selection of technologies, equipment, sensors, and solutions to provide our Government and Private Customers with exceptional performance and seamless integration. Our range of solutions starts from ready to install kits to custom made systems that meet the most demanding customer requirements.