About Us

Registered in May 1995, PT Kurongkor, became an important player in the following sectors of activities in Indonesia.
3.Medical equipment
6.Turn-key projects and financing

PT Kurongkor provides a variety of advanced solutions in any of their sectors of activity.
Satellite Communications, billing and software, radio communication, microwave, wide range of antennas are few examples of the company products in the telecommunication field.
The Agro-Chemical department deals with pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides and high level of irrigation, green houses and water filtration and treatment.
In 2001, PT Kurongkor was the first company to introduce telemedicine products in Indonesia, in cooperation with the National Cardiology Association. The company also supplies modern equipment for dental care providers, diagnosis software and variety of lasers, in the medical field.

With many years of experience behind us, we PT Kurongkor, offer newest security solutions for industrial and petrochemical plants, prisons, V.I.P sites, combined with software data security for e-commerce, banking and government data basis.

Given the huge resources potential of Indonesia, in the commodities field, PT Kurongkor recently became a supplier of cocoa, coffee and spices, for the Eastern-European market.
Working with highly qualified engineers, enables us to provide our customers with the best assistance starting with design and planning of turn-key projects, up to their final implementation and financing.

One point of contact, variety of solutions, wide array of fields, a well trained team of professionals, that is us, PT Kurongkor.